Main Content is a user-friendly website for NYS Regents Preparation in Algebra I and II, Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, English, Geometry, Global History and Geography, Physics, and U.S. History and Government. After purchasing a subscription to the interactive site, you receive a username and password that allow you access to our database of NYS Regents exams. Subscriptions are available for students, teachers, individual classes, and entire districts. Students practice exams at their own pace in any of the courses. Teachers create customized exams and print them for classroom use or assign them to their classes online. grades all work immediately and provides feedback for both students and teachers. has high speed internet connectivity so entire classes can work simultaneously. In addition, students and teachers can work individually from the library, at home, or at any other location with internet access.

Benefits for Students

  • Prepare a personalized exam by choosing questions from the database, by topic or exam date.
  • Prepare for your teacher’s tests and the final state exam in all of your Regents classes.
  • Access to all practice questions in all covered subjects.
  • Choose from specific topics or actual past Regents exams.
  • Get your work graded immediately! Or you can see the correct response as you answer each question for immediate review.
  • Get a report of your strengths and weaknesses by topic area.
  • Generate a report that compares you to your classmates or other users in the database.
  • Review past exams you have taken.
  • Print a practice exam and work on it offline.
  • Work at your own pace. You can log off and complete any exam at a later time.
  • Do extra credit online and send your teacher a report of all of your online work.
  • Have access to study tips.

Benefits for Teachers

  • Boost your students' achievement and help them meet New York State Standards.
  • Prepare a custom exam by choosing questions from the database or entering your own questions. You can even edit the existing questions from our database.
  • Have your students work online and their work is immediately graded. No more collating worksheets and tests at the copy machine, and then spending hours grading them!
  • Print exams for classroom use.
  • Generate a report for all of your students with the click of a mouse.
  • Target your students’ weak areas by generating slanted tests.
  • Send your classes to the technology center, where they can spend valuable time practicing in your content area, so substitute days are no longer lost days! You will have proof of their efforts upon your return to class without any preparation or grading!
  • Make it fun! Have a contest to see which student or group of students can get the most questions right in a given time period.

Benefits for Administrators

  • Improve your students' achievement and your school’s CAR report for a fraction of the cost of the equivalent review books.
  • Meet the new higher Regents Standards and stay current with the latest technology!
  • Provide your students with a resource to help them learn while at school or at home.
  • Provide your staff members with an economical program to generate tests from Regents Exam Questions so they can evaluate the effectiveness of their teaching methods.
  • Use your Teacher Login and Password to see how your students are performing and generate class and/or course reports.

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  2. Use your browser to print the tutorial sheet for reference.
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More exams will be continually added to the site. In a typical year, we add two exams for each of the subjects we cover (usually the June and August exams). Each subject area has a comprehensive database of multiple-choice questions and explanations from 1997 to the present, while some courses may also have additional questions from Regents exams dating as far back as 1990.

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