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The Algebra I Regents measures what students should understand and be able to do at the high school level. The test blueprint for the Regents in Algebra I demonstrates NYSED’s commitment to ensuring that educators are able to focus their instruction on the most critical elements of the Algebra I course.
The Algebra I Regents is administered in January, June, and August of every year. Most students will take this exam after successfully completing their first year of study of high school–level mathematics.

The Algebra I Regents is a three-hour-long exam that consists of four parts. The accompanying table shows the point breakdown of the test.

Part Number of Questions Point Value Total Points
I 24 multiple choice 2 48
II 8 constructed response 2 16
III 4 constructed response 4 16
IV 1 constructed-response 6 6
Test = 37 Questions Test = 86 Points
  • Part I consists of 24 multiple-choice questions with four possible answers labeled (1), (2), (3), and (4).
  • Part II consists of eight constructed-response questions that require students to show their work as they answer questions that have real-world mathematical applications.
  • Parts III and IV consist of four constructed-response questions and one constructed-response question, respectively.
  • Since scrap paper is not provided or permitted for any part of the exam, you must use the blank spaces in the question booklet as scrap paper.
  • After you figure out the answer to each multiple-choice question in Part I, you must record your answers on the answer sheet provided for Part I.
  • The answers and the work for the questions in Parts II, III, and IV must be written directly in the question booklet in the space provided underneath the questions. All work should be written in pen, except for graphs and drawings, which should be drawn in pencil.
  • If you need graph paper, it will be provided in the question booklet.
Each student must have the exclusive use of a graphing calculator for the full duration of the Algebra II Regents. Schools are required to make a graphing calculator (and ruler) available for the exclusive use of each student. No student may use a calculator that is capable of symbol manipulation or that can communicate with other calculators through infrared sensors, nor may a student use operating manuals, instruction or formula cards, or other information concerning the operation of calculators during the test.
Your answers to the 24 multiple-choice questions in Part I are scored as either correct or incorrect. Solutions to questions in Part II, III, and IV that are not completed correctly may receive partial credit according to special scoring provided by the State Education Department.

The maximum total raw score for the Algebra I Regents exam is 86 points. After the raw score for the four parts of the test are added together, a conversion table provided by the State Education Department is used to convert the raw score to a final test score that falls within the usual 0 to 100 scale.