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Barrons Regents -- Student Tutorial

Welcome to! This tutorial will show you how to get started by creating your profile, creating practice exams to work with and registering for your teacher's class (if applicable). Print out this tutorial page to use as a reference guide for Barrons Regents.


Initial Setup
Logging onto Website
Creating Your Profile
Creating A Practice Exam
Taking An Exam
Print Your First Practice Quiz
Grading Your Work and Viewing Your Report Card
Viewing Answer Explanations
Evaluate Your Progress
Changing Your Logon and Password
Registering For Classes (and dropping them)
Teacher Assigned Exams


Open your Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc. Note: America Online users who use AOL as their primary Internet connection should open either Internet Explorer or Netscape independently once they have connected to AOL to ensure proper operation of and enter the URL for our site - After you arrive at our homepage you are ready to begin.

It is a good idea to Bookmark the main page in your web browser so that you may quickly return to this site at any time.

For Internet Explorer, select Favorites-->Add to Favorites.
For Firefox, select Bookmarks-->Add Bookmarks.
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  • An important note: it is always best to click "Log Out" in the red navaigation Bar of your Home screen before leaving the site. This way you can be sure that none of personal login information has been left on your computer.
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