August 2016
Regents Exam Schedule
Students must verify with their schools the exact times that they are to report for their State examinations
August 17
August 18
8:30 am 8:30 am
RE in Algebra I (Common Core)

Geometry (Common Core)

Physical Setting/Chemistry

RCT in Writing*
RE in U.S. History and Government

Physical Setting/Earth Science

RCT in Global Studies*

RCT in Mathematics*
12:30 pm 12:30 pm
RE in Global History and Geography

Algebra 2/Trigonometry

RCT in Science*

RCT in U.S. History and Government*
RE in English Language Arts (Common Core)

Living Environment

RE in Algebra II (Common Core)

RCT in Reading*

Uniform Admissions Deadlines
Morning Examinations — 9:15 amAfternoon Examinations — 1:15 pm

*Available in Restricted Form only. Each copy of a restricted test is numbered and sealed in its own envelope and must be returned, whether used or unused, to the Department at the end of the examination period.