Frequently asked questions about the
Physics Regents Exam



What is the Physics Regents Exam?

The Physics Regents exam is typically administered at the completion of a New York State Regents level high school course in Physics.

When do I take the Physics Regents Exam?

Your school will determine when exactly you should take the Physics Regents exam. The test is administered January and June of each school year.
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How is the Physics Regents Set Up?

The Physics Regents exam will be three hours long and will include four parts (see below). You should be prepared to answer multiple-choice questions as well as questions that require an extended written response.
Part A --Multiple-Choice
A multiple-choice question offers several answers from which you choose the one that best answers the question or completes the statement. This part of the exam has content-based questions assessing your knowledge and understanding of core material and represents 30-40 percent of the examination.
Part B1 --Multiple-Choice
This section of Part B consists of multiple-choice questions as described in Part A. These questions are content-and-skills-based and designed to assess your ability to apply, analyze, and evaluate material. The combined sections of Part B (multiple-choice plus constructed-response) represent 25-35 percent of the examination.
Part B2 --Constructed-Response
In a constructed-response question there is no list of choices from which to choose an answer; rather you are required to provide the answer. Constructed-response questions test skills that include performing numerical calculations, drawing and interpreting graphs, and analyzing material. The combined sections of Part B represent 25-35 percent of the examination.
Part C --Extended Constructed-Response
These are constructed-response questions that require more time and effort on your part to answer. Part C consists of content-based and application questions assessing your ability to apply knowledge of scientific concepts and skills. Be sure to write complete, clear sentences while using correct physics in your explanations. This part represents 23-30 percent of the examination.

What Topics are covered on the Physics Regents Exam?

All the questions on the Physics Regents exam will test major understandings, skills, and real-world applications drawn from the following 6 subject areas:

  1.   Math Skills needed for Physics
  1.   Mechanics
    1. Kinematics
    2. Statics
    3. Dynamics
    4. Momentum
  1.   Energy
    1. Work
    2. Power
    3. Energy
  1.   Electricity and Magnetism
    1. Static Electricity
    2. Electric Current
    3. Magnetism
    4. Electromagnetic Induction
  1.   Waves
    1. Wave Characteristics
    2. Periodic Wave Phenomenon
    3. Light
  1.   Modern Physics
    1. Dual Nature of Light
    2. Quantum Theory
    3. Models of the Atom
    4. Standard Model of Particle Physics

How do I review for the Physics Regents exam?

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