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The Geometry Regents is administered in January, June, and August of every year. Most students will take this exam after successfully completing their first year of study of high school–level mathematics.

The Geometry Regents is a three-hour exam that consists of four parts with a total of 36 questions, as detailed below.

Part Number of Questions Point Value Total Points
I 24 multiple choice 2 48
II 7 constructed response 2 14
III 3 constructed response 4 12
IV 2 constructed response 6 12
Test = 36 Questions Test = 86 Points

You are not allowed to bring your own scrap or graph paper into the exam. The exam booklet contains one page of scrap paper and one page of graph paper. These are perforated and can be removed from the booklet to make working with them easier. Any work you put on these sheets is not graded. If you want a grader to consider any work there, you must copy it into the appropriate space in the booklet.

Graphing calculators are required for the Geometry Regents, and schools must provide one to any students who don’t have their own. You may bring your own calculator if you own one.

A good working knowledge of the graphing calculator will let you apply more than one method to solving a problem. You will also be provided with a compass and straightedge (ruler) if you do not have one. You are responsible for bringing your own pen and pencil to the exam. All work must be done in blue or black pen, with the exception of graphs and diagrams, which may be done in pencil.

Your answers to the 24 multiple-choice questions in Part I are scored as either correct or incorrect.

Solutions to questions in Parts II, III, and IV that are not completed correctly may receive partial credit according to a special scoring guide provided by the State Education Department.

The maximum total raw score for the Geometry Regents is 86 points. After the raw score for the four parts of the test are added together, a conversion table provided by the State Education Department is used to convert the raw score to a final test score that falls within the usual 0 to 100 scale.

The Geometry Regents test booklet will include a reference sheet containing formulas; however, it does not necessarily include all of the formulas you are expected to know.