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Here's a quick and easy way to sample before you buy.

We've selected questions from various exams and various topics in four out of the 10 NYS Regents courses offered on Barron's

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Algebra I Common Core
Algebra II Common Core
Living Environment
Global History and Geography

Once you become a subscriber to Barron's you'll be able to select questions from any of the ten cources available in our database in either of two modes:

Exam by Date:  Select questions from a specific past Regents exam in our database.  Multiple-choice questions will be automatically graded for you while the detailed response questions will not.  Answers with explanations are provided for both types of questions.

Exam by Topic: Customized exam where you select only questions from a particular Regents Topic or Topics.  Use this mode to concentrate on your weak areas or practice for an upcoming quiz from your teacher.